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So You Want This Love to Last

We all love when we first get a shinny new piece to add to our collection, but so often feel the sting of regret months later when we realize it is starting to tarnish.

Knowing the differences between the types of jewelry you own is key when it comes to proper care. If you haven't read up on the different types of jewelry we carry here at ZoeL, head back to our first blog post to get the deets on the main differences behind the jewelry you love.

Whether you own gold-filled or gold plated jewelry, the role you play in its longevity is vital. Even the difference in our skins PH levels can affect how our bodies interact with metals. Although PH levels aren't something we can control, we can control how and where we wear our jewelry. Below are examples of the main types of jewelry you will see sold here and best practices to keep them looking shinny and new.


- though GF is sweat and water resistant, its best practice to remove before swimming or any activity where chlorine can affect the metal
-try to avoid exposure to harsh chemicals found in many lotions, perfumes, sunscreen, etc.
- remove when sleeping 
- store separately in airtight bag to avoid humidity 
- clean with mild soap and water if needed

Gold Vermeil:
- not water or sweat resistant
- remove before getting wet, sleeping and exercising
void harsh chemicals that can be found in skincare, sunscreen, cosmetics etc. 
-to clean use lukewarm water and a soft liquid soap .
-keep it dry, store in air tight container


Gold Plated:
- not water or sweat resistant
-remove before getting wet and sleeping
-avoid harsh chemicals found in lotions, skincare, sunscreen, cosmetics etc
-to clean use a dry jewelry cloth *do not use polishing cloth which can strip metal
-store in air tight container


*extra tip for GV & GP: in a perfect world, wait 5 minutes after applying skincare and beauty products before putting your jewelry on



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